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Baseball & Softball Registration for 2018 season is not open yest!

It's that time of year again! The days are getting longer, the uniform are ordered and the Major League players are in Florida and Arizona.  This spring we are pleased to announce that your children will be enjoying our Spring Training at the friendly confines of the Scrubs.

  Registration for our 33st anniversary year is now closed!
Changes for 2017 – We have been busy

   We're a Registered Charity – New management structure & we qualify for UK Gift Aid.
      - UK tax payers can claim Gift Aid on your child's league fees during registration.
We get back 25p for every £1 pound claimed, that's an extra £25 for every £100 in fees!  
   Spring Training - Filling the demand for more baseball 
        - Last three Saturdays in March 

       - Training Sessions with top USA & UK .

   New Boys U16 League (ages 14-15) – Expanding our training ages
   New Girls U18 Softball League – More players working the Team GB Softball
   Girls’ Softball goes fast pitch – Increasing the level of competition
   Upgraded Website - Advanced mobile capabilities to track games and schedules
   Discounts for local children – Encouraging more youth baseball & softball
   Scholarships – No child will be left untrained for financial reasons
   Volunteer Opportunities – In addition to coaching, parents can now help in a wider range roles.

The 2017 Schedule is up on the website. You'll find the dates for our Spring Training (please attend as many session as possible) and of course the dates for the regular season. This year there will be more youth Baseball and Softball in London than ever.

Dates to remember (please plan ahead)
    March 11,18, 25 - Spring Training 
    April 22 - Opening Day 
    May Bank Holidays – We play on April 29th & May 1st but not on May 287h & 28th
June  4, 10, 11 - Playoffs 

Spring Training
For 2017 we bring back our Skills Day to ASL and will be offering 3 proper outdoor Spring Training Sessions.  The goal is to get our players and coaches ready for the best regular season ever. Our Spring Training Sessions will be offered as a package for £25 for all Competitive League players. Spring Training will be available to Developmental Leagues  players for free.
        Competitive League Spring Training Sessions (optional) will be offered on March 11, 18 & 25.  This extra training is for all players and coaches in our competitive leagues.  We are flying in coaches from Chicago’s highly regarded Elite Baseball Academy.  These are some of the top youth baseball coaches in the USA.  A sign-up during registration will be sent to reserve your spot,
We will use Spring Training to evaluate all of our young athletes in the basic skills like pitching, batting, throwing and catching. Our league's commissioners then use this information to help in selecting balanced teams. Our focus is on the kids having fun and one of the best ways to do that is to try to give each team an equal chance of winning. Spring Training will go a long way in helping us to do that.
Any questions, please email
See you at the Scrubs!!!!

- LondonSports