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Travel Team


Our Travel Team program is designed to enhance the ability of registered youth players in our LondonSports Baseball league who want to continue to play and develop beyond our regular season. In the offseason we practice (indoors and outdoors) and also play in competitive games and tournaments against other youth Travel Teams from the United Kingdom and Europe.

In 2018 we will compete in:

  • Shunka U13 in Barcelona (March 3&4)
  • Pony SUMA U15 in Prague (April 19-22)
  • SuperCup U10 in Prague (first weekend in June)
  • Great Britain Little League Qualifier Tournament (June 16&17)
  • British Baseball Federation (BBF) Youth National Championships (September 16&17)
  • Pony League in Gijon (September)
  • Herts (Hertfordshire) Youth Tournament (September)
  • other Youth Baseball and Softball tournaments in Europe


Our main Travel Team program’s objectives are to further build fundamental skill development (beyond our regular youth baseball season in London) in our players during the off-season, create a fun and positive atmosphere for players to better understand the game of Baseball and provide extra coaching and opportunities for competitive play.

We support different age groups to facilitate different levels of play and player development. Our age groups mirror Little League divisions:

Minors: Ages 8-10
Majors: Ages 11-12

Juniors: Ages 13 - 14
Seniors: Ages 15 - 16

If you have any questions or would like more details about the schedule, send us an email to