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The Easton Z-Flex Youth Series gloves are perfect for beginners! Z-Flex gloves are extremely soft and extremely easy to use. When kids are starting out, the most important thing to consider when buying a glove is whether your kid can close it. Easton's patented Z-Flex Technology uses elastic strips on each side of the palm to aid in closure. Combined with ultra-soft leather, Z-Flex gives youngsters the softest, most flexible gloves available! Also helping make this glove easy to close is Easton's 2-1-1 palm design. 2-1-1 extends the finger stall length and combines the ring and little finger into one stall to give youth players more leverage when closing their glove. After ability to close the glove, the second most important thing to consider in a youth glove is keeping the ball in the pocket. The Z-Flex Series employs the help of Easton's Grab All Web design that is 40% bigger than traditional webs on youth gloves. This ensures that once the ball hits the pocket, it's staying there! Finally, a Lock Down Adjustable Velcro wrist strap ensures a snug, custom fit for any player.

Easton 10"Glove (Right Hand Throw)

SKU: ZFX1001
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