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The Rawlings Renegade design is ideal for players of all ages and all skill levels as they are available in both adult and youth pattern sizes. With a durable all leather shell and lacing, these mitts are extremely durable and will hold their shape for a very long time. A deep, well-formed pocket design ensures that you will have ball security every step of the day. Additionally, high-density palm and finger pads add much-needed comfort and protection that any player would want and need. Plus, the cushioned finger back and fastback design allows for added flexibility and strength. If you're looking to improve your performance at an affordable price, the Rawlings Renegade is the design for you. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

Rawlings Renegade Youth Catcher's Mitt: RCM325B features a 32.50-inch pattern, a one-piece solid web, and a speed trap design for easier closure.


Great deal! Currently on sale for £79.99:

Rawlings 32.5" Catcher's Mitt (Right Hand Throw)

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