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The Three Daggers

For years, Stanton has been telling anyone who will listen about the amazing apple juice he gets from The Three Daggers and the beautiful village of Edington where you buy it from. After several years of friendship and discussion, we've finally worked out a way to bring the juice to the LondonSports families.

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The Juice

All the apples are grown in the orchards overlooked by the aptly named Orchard House.


The juice is made from five different variations of apples, including Tom Putt, Grenadier, Greensleeves, Russet and Spartan.

Picked in August and September, pressed and bottled on site., this is a close as you can get to making your own juice!

As an added bonus, for every bottle of juice we sell, the charity raises money to help spread the joy of baseball across London.

The Three Daggers Family

The Three Daggers has a pub, accomodation, farm shop and a brewery! All based within long tossing distance, if you wanted a great country retreat check them out here:

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