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We actively encourage young men and women to become umpires in our league when they turn fourteen. Umpires are a vital component of our community: we see and promote umpiring as a great opportunity for young people to deepen their understanding of the game and develop the qualities of good judgment, effective communication, teamwork and maturity.  All umpires are required to participate in a rigorous umpire training program at the beginning of the season and are monitored throughout. It is a fundamental principle of LondonSports that each head and assistant coach takes active responsibility for mentoring and developing not only our players, but also our umpires.  

The salaried umpires are also responsible for the setting up and taking down of our 15 fields each game day, working in two shifts. The morning team sets up the backstops and outfield fences, lay out the bases, set up the Tees, distribute the batting helmets, team bags and other equipment needed before the players’ arrival. During the teams’ one-hour warmups and practice some umpires help with the coaching, batting cages or merchandise desk, before heading to their respective fields for the morning’s competitive games (Minors, Junior Boys Baseball and Junior Softball). The afternoon team is responsible once games (Majors and Senior Softball) have ended to take down the fields, collect the bases and equipment and pack them back up, ready for the next session. 

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