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Values Statement

LondonSports is a voluntary organization whose aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for girls and boys ages five to 17 of all nationalities to learn and engage in the sports of baseball and softball.  Since its inception in 1986, LondonBaseball has sought to adhere to the following principles in carrying out its objectives:

Family orientationGiven the demands placed on all of us in this day and age, we feel the best way to run a sustainable program is create a family friendly environment.  Whether by having moms and dads help coach, or welcoming grandparents or younger siblings, our mission is to create an environment that allows all of the family to take part.

SportsmanshipOur goal is to give every player the chance to learn about baseball and softball, improve their skills and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.  In all of our leagues, whether competitive or instructional, we emphasize the value of teamwork and, above all, good sportsmanship.  We maintain this approach through the careful selection of coaches and assistants and constant vigilance of the players, coaches and parents during every game.

SafetyAlthough baseball is not among the more dangerous sports, we nonetheless do everything within our power to maintain a safe environment for our youngsters.  By furnishing up to date equipment and insisting on its use, we minimize the risk of injury during games.  We adhere to the Code of Conduct policy of the British Baseball Federation and BaseballSoftballUK.  We require each commissioner, league director, head coach or assistant coach adhere to that Code of Conduct. And furthermore, we take all necessary steps to ensure that the overall area in which we play is monitored for security purposes.

ExpertiseWe believe a sport is best enjoyed when it’s played properly. We also believe that whatever level of sports acumen a youngster might have, they can improve through a proper understanding of the fundamentals of the game.  We place great emphasis on coaches’ training and, through a relationship with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association, we have developed a coaches’ training program that is considered one of the most rigorous outside of the United States.

UmpiringWe actively encourage young men and women to become umpires in our league after they are beyond the age limits to play. LondonBaseball sees the role of umpiring as another opportunity for young people to learn the game, and develop the qualities of good judgment, effective communication, and maturity.  All of our umpires are required to participate in a rigorous umpire training program.  It is a fundamental principle of LondonBaseball that each head and assistant coach takes active responsibility for mentoring and developing not only our players, but also our umpires.  This mentoring responsibility is more important than winning games.

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