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2023 Offseason Update - Shipping Container Edition

As soon as the last pitch was thrown, the LondonSports volunteers change from coaches to project managers, recruiters, marketing professionals and web developers! Volunteering with LondonSports will earn you all kinds of new skills, this summer the biggest project was replacing our damaged shipping container.

Who knew that they usually come in standard sizes? And that our existing container was extra wide!

For those of you who don't know, we keep all the gear that we need to make the league run in a couple containers in the Stadium. Some years ago, one of the containers was broken into by thieves who set a fire on the roof and burned through into the container! We did some repairs at the time, but eventually the elements won and we had to replace the container this summer.

This wasn't an easy task, we had to get the old extra wide 30ft container out. This volunteer had countless sleepless nights on that one and it barely squeaked out!

Then we did some ground work before the new longer and taller container edged its way into the Stadium! With a huge sign of relief and thanks to everyone who helped we now have a shiny bright orange container to keep our gear in. And look how great it looks...

Just think, you too could volunteer and learn a whole lot about something you never knew you needed to know about!

Who knows what our next big project is, but we always need people who want to get involved... bonus if you work in freight!!

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